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Pain and Panic

In Hercules, Pain and Panic’s main role was as comic relief. They were ordered by Hades to kidnap the baby god Hercules.

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Do you know where the shadow of Peter is?

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Snow White and the Dark Queen.

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Quick change.

Don’t judge me because I’m almost 24 and I love Disney.
Just ‘Let it go’, this is my ‘Whole new world’ and I dont wanna be ‘Part of your world’. So ‘Hakuna matata’

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Little things I recently learned about this painting:
1.  2.  3.  4. 
Pinocchio, Snow White, Peter Pan & Jac, and Tinkerbell
Hidden Mickeys:
1.  2.  3.

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Meeko vs. Percy

Meeko and Percy are constantly in pursuit of one another, symbolizing the hatred between the natives and the settlers. When Kocoum is shot dead by Thomas, Meeko comforts Percy, finally putting an end to their quarrels and symbolizing the possible friendship that the natives and settlers can form. - Pocahontas (1995).

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My latest collaboration! Disney girls. :D
Over 200 artists collaborated to make this image of over 400 Disney girls.

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If Elsa was the Fire Queen in stead of the Snow Queen “Let it burnnnn”

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big summer blow out!

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elsa trying to do anna’s hair or something.
these girls are too fun to draw.